1. Catholic Funeral Readings, Passages & Bible Verses

    Worshipful songs and readings are a core component of most religions, and Christianity is no different. As the world's largest Christian sect, Catholicism has built up a wealth of religiously significant songs and prayers, many of which are very old and have been rewritten, updated, and translated to nearly every language in the world. While most of these songs focus on worship and the story of th…Read More

  2. Catholic Funeral Songs & Hymns

    Few things can be as emotionally draining and stressful as planning a funeral for a family member. Between setting the arrangements, selecting a church, and contacting family and friends, few people stop to consider the music that will be played at the service. Though it's hard to choose the perfect Catholic funeral songs for Mom, Dad, or any family member or friend, it's important to find the rig…Read More

  3. Catholic Funeral Masses and Ceremonies

    With an estimated 1.2 billion practicing members across the world, Catholicism reigns supreme as the single largest and most impactful sect of Christianity. With the powerful Vatican serving as the home of the church, and the Pope holding his position as the head of the church, Catholicism has helped influence world politics and actions for centuries. Though the religion itself has gone through ma…Read More

  4. Composing a Funeral Thank You Card

    Today family members and loved ones responsible for making final arrangements sometimes send formal thank you cards to those who expressed their condolences or provided helpful assistance to them during a funeral. While certainly not a universal practice, sending these notes offers some measure of comfort to senders and recipients during the grieving process. This brief article seeks to help anyon…Read More

  5. How to Pre-Plan Your Own Funeral

    There are a number of reasons why it is a good idea to plan your funeral. During such an emotional time, it helps loved ones to alleviate the additional stress of having to make all the decisions associated with planning a funeral by taking care of the logistics in advance. A pre arranged funeral also gives the deceased the opportunity to have a more personalized arrangement. They can have the opp…Read More

  6. The Stages of Grief When Dealing with Loss

    Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, the world-renowned psychiatrist and author of "On Death and Dying," once explained that there really are no coincidences that just happen to befall us in life. Instead, everything that does occur does so as a Higher Power's greater plan for us to learn from and overcome. Ross, who spent countless time with dying patients and documenting their grief, recognized a particular …Read More

  7. How to Write an Obituary For Your Loved One

    There are several parts to an obituary that extend beyond merely writing it. You may initially think that this is all that is needed, but think again - unfortunately, it’s not that straightforward. Not only do you have to create the obituary, but you have to submit it as well as gather information for the actual obituary. Furthermore, there are other options available to you to help alleviate th…Read More

  8. What to Say in a Eulogy

    Whether you are asked to or you freely choose to, giving an eulogy is one of the greatest honors you will ever receive. After all, you are summarizing your experiences with a certain person at a celebration of their life. Your words will stick with your fellow mourners for years to come. I remember the passing of my father and how one of his co-workers reflected on the fact they were flying on 9/1…Read More

  9. How to Write a Funeral Program

    You probably already recognize the importance of having funeral programs available for commemorating your loved one, but you might not have the faintest clue how to go about actually creating one. What may seem like a lofty undertaking … actually is not so bad. Fear not, while the time surrounding a funeral can be full of seemingly chaos, a funeral program is one thing you need not worry about; …Read More

  10. Planning a Funeral Service For Your Loved One

    Few things in life are as hard as experiencing the death of a loved one. We can ready ourselves all we want, but the reality often hits us harder than we ever expected. Nonetheless, don’t dismiss the importance of careful preparation beforehand. Having all your ducks in a row can make the process of planning a funeral at least somewhat more bearable when the time arrives. In this article, we wil…Read More